Honda Mowers Guide

Finding the right lawn care equipment can be a daunting task, especially with so many available models in the market and a lack of information about the top brands. That’s why we set out to create the Honda Lawn Mowers Guide – a comprehensive website where you’ll find all the information you need about the renowned company’s machines. We’ve covered the most common queries in our FAQ section along with detailed pages on the available models, operational features, maintenance schedules, troubleshooting and more. If you still have any unanswered questions, feel free to drop a post on our FAQ page and one of our members will help you out.

Honda are a globally renowned brand specializing in a number of lawn care products – the company also have a long history of manufacturing reliable engines. Honda engines are also supplied to other lawn mower manufacturers around the world, with exclusive technology such as the Roto-stop Blade System and the Versamow System firmly establishing the company as one of the leaders in the industry.

Honda offer a minimum warranty of 2 years for all their walk-behind mowers for residential use.  

Choosing the right mower for you –

Honda specialize in traditional walk-behind mowers, ideal for residential as well as small to medium commercial spaces. Each of Honda’s four tiers of mowers will come with the company’s range of easy starting GCV engines.

  1. HRX Series – the series offer a plethora of modern features including a variable speed drive system, clip detector and MicroCut Twin Blades. The mowers come with mulching kits, discharge chute and bag, as well as a leaf shredding unit. Models of this series include the HRX217VKA, HRX217VLA, HRX217VYA, HRX217HYA, and the HRX217HZA.
  1. HRR Series – ideal for personal properties and small residential sites, the HRR series features a practical blend of high-tech features and affordability. Pre-installed with reliable auto-choke engines and 3-in-1 clip director system, the range covers 4 models – HRR216PKA, HRR216VKA, HRR216VYA, HRR216VLA.
  1. HRS Series – the HRS series offer industry-level cutting in a compact package perfect for small properties. With broad 21’’ decks and premium Honda GCV engines, the series includes 2 models – HRS216PKA and HRS216SKA.
  1. HRC Series – the series ranks at the top of Honda’s line and incorporate the company’s latest technological innovations to provide heavy-duty commercial mowers. With features such as a beltless shaft drive, easy-start Honda engines, and steel front bumpers, the range is ideal for larger commercial properties. Models include the HRC216PDA, HRC216HDA, and the HRC216HXA.


Common Problems –

Outdoor equipment like lawn mowers are subject to hard environmental conditions and although they’re built to withstand a high degree of wear, occasional issues are bound to occur. Most of the time however, these can be quickly fixed without having to call an authorized technician. Prompt maintenance and lubrication can help minimize such occurrences.

  • Mower isn’t cutting evenly
    Inspect the wheels to check whether the tire pressure in all four wheels is adequate and make sure that the deck has been balanced. If this isn’t the problem, check the blades for dullness and sharpen if required.  
  • Engine overheating:
    A dirty air filter can choke fuel and oxygen from reaching the combustion chamber, causing the cylinders to knock and heat the engine. Keep your filter clean and inspect the element regularly, as recommended in the user manual.  
  • Mower shuts off when mowing:

Check the fuel tank, if the fuel is old throw it out and refill with fresh gasoline. If fuel isn’t the issue, check for fuel cap gap – a clogged up gap stops the engine from drawing in fuel from the tank could result in stalling.

Conclusion –

Honda have been manufacturing power appliances since 1953 and the company are widely acclaimed for their breakthroughs in engine technology. The company’s mower engines are popular for their 4-stroke design, low emissions, and high fuel efficiency. With 11 manufacturing plants located around the world, all products are independently assembled, tested and distributed following the company’s stringent quality control process. As of 2015, Honda secured over 40 million satisfied customers – and that’s just in the US. If there’s something you’d like to know that we haven’t covered, feel free to contact us.


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