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Mower not cutting properly

Hey Folks,

I just replaced my mower’s blades a few days ago and had the whole unit flushed with fresh oil. Despite this, it isn’t cutting my lawn properly. There isn’t any lack of power or issue with the unit, yet I can’t get a clean cut. What could be the reason behind this?


Hello Ben,

It sounds like your unit is in proper working condition – the issue could be to do with your environment. If you mow soon after the sprinklers go off, it’s likely that the grass is still wet and could be inhibiting the mower from cutting properly. Ensure that you give the grass ample time to dry before you start mowing.

Smoke coming from Honda mower’s deck

Hello guys,

My one month old Honda mower was smoking on ignition yesterday! White puffs of smoke were emanating from deck, a few moments after turning on the unit. Is this a serious defect?


Hi Enrik,

Clean the surface of the deck – white smoke usually indicates burning oil and usually isn’t anything to get worried about. It’s normal actually, if you’ve just changed the oil after the first 2 hours of use (as the manual tells you to). I wouldn’t worry about it unless it doesn’t stop and begins affecting performance.  

Mower not evenly cutting grass

Hey everybody,

I’ve owned my Honda HRR for several months now. Since yesterday, I’ve noticed a lack of evenness in the cutting height and some tearing of grass – even though I sharpened the blades last week. Any ideas what the problem could be?


Hello Melvin,

When sharpening your blade, did you remember to balance both ends? This can be critical to ensuring a uniform cut. Also, did you notice any dents or bumps on the blade? If so, sharpening will not help, you’ll need to replace the blades. Having done all this, I would also recommend that you check the wheel height of all 4 wheels and ensure that they’re at the same level.

Honda mower not bagging clippings properly

Hello Guys,

My 2 year old Honda mower refuses to bag the grass clippings efficiently, despite having changed the bag a week ago. Can someone help me resolve this?


Hi Fred,

Firstly, I’d suggest that you check the mower’s deck and ensure it isn’t clogged or defective. If this isn’t the problem, it could be your mowing behaviour – avoid going too fast or having the height settings too low, ensure uniformity. Also inspect the attaching clips and the frame to make sure they’re secured well.

Strong vibrations coming from Honda mower

Hi Folks,

My Honda HRC series is just over a year old and had no issues until the last month when the deck began vibrating excessively. The vibrations have progressively become worse. Is anyone aware of a fix to this?


Hey Lily,

Some amount of vibration is expected during operation, especially in dense grass. If the vibrations become excessive, you might want to inspect the deck for accumulated debris and clippings. Also check the blades for dents. A bent crankshaft or damaged belt could also be the cause – take the unit to a Honda technician if none of these happen to be the cause.

Engine loses power while mowing

Hey there,

I picked up my Honda mower over 3 years back and noticed significant loss in power while mowing for the last few days. It usually happens 20-30 minutes into my mowing session. Has anyone face a similar issue?  


Hello James,

I had this problem with my mower last year – turns out the source of the issue was clogged air filter I’d recommend inspecting the filter element and replacing it if it’s difficult to clean. Another cause could be tall grass at the mowing site. Try increasing the cutting height and mowing again at the desired height.  

Honda lawn mower engine dies shortly after starting

Hello Folks,

I got my Honda HRS mower a few months ago – now the engine sputters and dies a few minutes after starting. Has anyone had this issue?


Hey Larry,

It’s possible that your carburetor’s air fuel ratio needs to be readjusted for your setting – is this isn’t the issue, try cleaning the carburetor thoroughly. I’d also recommend inspecting the fuel cap’s vent. If this gets clogged with dirt the engine won’t be able to draw in gasoline from the fuel tank to keep running.

Problem with Honda mower auto choke

Hi Guys,

I purchased my Honda HRR series over a year back and the auto choke system has been malfunctioning since the last week – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to start the mower. Any suggestions?


Hello Ron,

The auto choke can run into issues if the carburetor is clogged, the spark plug is dirty or if the gasoline is old. After cleaning, ensure that the engine warms up for 3 full minutes to avoid automatic shutdown – this will activate the auto choke.  

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